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a women rang my door bill explaining that she needed to check my electric bill because, the rates are spiking up and that she needed to check this out to make sure that the electric company that I'm using was charging me within Standard rates or guild lines, I told her just a minute shut & locked my door spoke with my husband about the matter,I came back to the door and told her that we were not interested in showing her our elec bill however,this women continued to talk to me about why she was there I foundly told her that my husband is an attorney and I'm sure he can look into the matter she then walked away from the door. These people are pushie .....Why?...are they selling elec.

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Dover, Delaware, United States #996736

same thing has happened to me some months ago. this guy came to my door twice.

wanting to see my electric bill. i told him i pay on line, he wanted me to print it and show him. i said i paid it at work, don't have computer at home. he said he'd be back and i told him not to bother because i wasn't interested.

I never did get a straight story from this guy about what he wanted. i finally told him i don't need to show him a dam thing but the back of my door.

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