Not only did the salesman out right lie to us about the terms of what we were signing into by not telling us exactly how the credit system works, but the so called fixed rates are only as good till you find out that the "CREDIT" you will receive back if the rates are lower then CE, wont be calculated and given back till about 4 YEARS later. So if my heat, in the winter is shut off because they over charged me $200 and I couldn't afford the OVER CHARGE, then Ill loose my heat, till they decide to send me back the money in 4 YEARS!!!

People should have the right to know how they conduct business.

And I am sure there is "fine print" written all over this, But when you ask questions that are directly answered with LIES, you get SCAMMED! DO NOT GET SCAMMED.

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West Jordan, Utah, United States #816274

Check your own usage its proably high all the time

Concord, California, United States #805463

There was no mention that this was a 5 year contract.


Your service can not be disconnected by a supllier, only the utility can cut your service if you don't pay bills or have too much of an outstanding balance, and the credit check is to make sure you pay things on time, the utility and commerce will not allow you to be a customer experiencing benefits of a fixed rate option if you don't pay bills on time or are accumulating a past due balance. This is a multi billionaire company not a scam, it is a very beneficial program that was made an option when the utilities undergo deregulation, now you can take advantage of low supply costs with a lock in option but must pass a credit check to receive anything in life that is beneficial, a house, a car, a loan, etc..so before you bash a company think from everyone's point of view to understand what's really going on..

Hope I could be of help to anyone with questions or concerns


I'll be honest I used commerce in NY and locked in my rate like the customer representative told me to... My rate is half the price of my neighbors who didn't do this "scam" .... Still have the gentlemans number in fact, walked me right through it.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #797845

My rates were doubled then tripled in just the first 2 months with them. Don't be fooled. :eek

Milpitas, California, United States #797636

Please check your for your utility company charges when get a utility get a disconection notice you only get get charge for utility distribution/delivery charge and only utility can be only one to shut off your gas for non payment

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