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This is what you get for de-regulating public utilities, so it's a "Free Market". An unnecessary middle man that plays games with pricing gimmicks and has AWFUL, TERRIBLE, UNFORGIVABLE customer service.

You have to quit your job and work full time to stay on top of the clowns to not get ripped off.

Their company is completely screwed up from the inside out. From a terrible website, to totally screwed up phone system, to clueless non-accountable customer service staff. Sadly I doubt you have any options that are much better, because you are prohibited from purchasing gas directly from the public utility who provides the actual product.

You're forced to play games and but marked up services from these middlemen. What a joke!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want this company to dissolve and return it back to operating as a public utility as it should be.

I didn't like: Scam, 75 dollar fee to break the contract even the next day.

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Bakersfield, California, United States #1316453

I think the contract they make you sign is not right. You should be free to leave anytime you feel with out any penalty.

75 a year that's to much money. What do they really do for you. If anything goes wrong you have to call PGE to get you gas turned on you have to call PGE.

We're giving our money away for free. There had to be someone out there that can sue this company and mandate them.

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