Commerce Energy sends people door to door and ask to see your electric bill. It is not any of their business, but they will make you think it is.

They want you to go get YOUR phone so they can use it to call their company and make a recorded call as part of their legal step to tie you into a contract that they do NOT provide you to see and will tell you they will send it to you and not to worry.

They want you to sign a contract, but if you ask for a hard copy of the contract to look at BEFORE you agree to anything, they will tell you they only have the copy on their computer screen and do not carry a paper copy.

If you try to read the part of the screen that they tell you they need you to sign, there could very well be an enormous glare to the point it is almost impossible to see, but they will try to tell you that they can help you know what it says, and what they say and what it says are two different things

They will not tell you that there is more to the contract than you see, but lead you to believe they are taking good care of you and are on your side, and are helping you get through it, and will tell you it can be easily cancelled, etc.. it is TWO LONG LONG pages of legal issues that they will not show you, but want you to sign the Agreement WITHOUT HAVING A PAPER COPY AND WITHOUT SHOWING YOU THE ENTIRE CONTRACT.

Even AFTER you sign, they did not provide a hard copy until about 10 days after signing.

They did NOT tell me it was a 5 year contract, and the number was clearly changed AFTER the signing. Would NEVER EVER EVER agree to a 5 year contract for ANYTHING whatsoever.

Any company that has to get people to be locked to a 5 year contract... BEWARE.

There is a reason they can't EARN your approval AFTER you get their service.

Any reputable company with high customer relations ethics would not REQUIRE a 5 year contract and would not hide a contract and provide an easy to read copy prior to asking you to sign.

If you ask what the "term" period they are referring to, they will avoid answering your question and try to distract you with other conversation. YOu may have to ask 3 or 4 times, and it is quite possible they will give you information that does NOT coincide with the written contract that you are not allowed to see until about 10 days after you sign when it may be too late to change.

Also, the Agreement that they coerce you into signing without a hard copy to see on your own time, has a clause about #18 that disqualifies anything that they may tell you verbally, but they will not even provide the full written contract for you to see before signing, and they do not tell you there is more to the contract that you are signing which they have hidden from you knowledge or view on the screen.


#9 YOUR RIGHT TO CANCEL: You can end this Agreement for any reason without having to apy a penalty at any time by contacting commerce Energy."

This totally contradicts what they will tell you on the phone.

"#4: The Term begins on the "Start Date" .....START DATE: the day we begin supplying ENergy to your Location which shall begin on teh next available meter read date after your Utility processes your enrollment with Commerce Energy."

"#18: Miscellaneous: This Agreement contains the entire Agreement between you and Commerce Energy. It may not be contracdited by any prior or contemporaneous oral or written document, ....."

EVEN THOUGH # 9 clearly states the above, if you call to cancel, they will tell you that if you are not moving out of state, you will be charged a cancellation fee,.

If you cancel, they may send you a letter by mail or email acknowledging that you have cancelled, but they will ignore your cancellation prior to the "start" date ( see #4 above)

and will try to initiate service and switch you even though you have requested to be cut off from them. They will postpone it by a month.


BEWARE, because this company does not provide to you a copy of what you just signed on the day you sign and it may be about 10 days before you get a copy in the mail and realize what they got you to sign without your knowledge, and anything they tell you verbally is overridden by what you signed to "Agree" to that they did not reveal and would not even provide on their tiny tablet for viewing. The actual contract is BENEATH what you sign to , but it states you are agreeing to the below, but they make you think you are agreeing to an introductory rate, and a term they tell you but later change, and it is all a very dishonest type of business tactic.

Also, they state that the 10 day period begins when the utility SENDS you notice of switching...

It does NOT begin when you receive your written contract to review and does not begin when you actually RECEIVE what they said the utility company would send you.

NOT PROVIDING ANY COPY OR ANY PROOF OF WHAT YOU SIGNED AT THE TIME YOU SIGN is HIGHLY UNETHICAL. It is their way of getting you to not have much time to look at what you signed and change your mind. YOU MAY NOT EVEN RECEIVE THE WRITTEN COPY UNTIL ABOUT 10 DAYS AFTER YOU SIGN. IF YOU ARE AWAY FROM HOME at the time it arrives,,, TOO BAD ... DO NOT SIGN. CLOSE THE DOOR and do not engage them.

The Better Business Bureau in Maryland sent them a strong warning.

There was an article in the Baltimore Sun online.

Other politicians have also complained.




IF YOU ANSWER YOUR DOOR, close it immediately.

In some cases, it may be that you call your Attorney General only to have them tell you that since the company is located in another state, there is absolutely nothing that they can do to help you.


Call you Public Utility Commission and REPORT THEM.

A hard copy of a contract


THere is a reason they do not want to provide it to you on Day 1 and will not send it to you immediately.

THey promise that if they don't save you money after the "term", they you get $100 back.


WHAT IF THEIR rates were $500 more than before you switched...

You would get $100 credited back, but you still would not have recovered the extra $400 that flew out of your pocket into theirs.

Very misleading.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #1234138

they insisted to see our bills ,promised our gas bills will never go higher,after mading a big mistake ,and signed for them,cuz i jus donnot want to see them around knocking my door all time,now my bills went higher triple money of wat i used to pay to pg&e, their representative,they look miserable i screwd my self,never sign up for anythings by door ;( ;(

San Jose, California, United States #1105494

Do you know anyone that was able to get out of contract...

I hate it. It's real legal ***.

They rob you in absolutely legal way...

to an #1143670

Did you find a way out of it? I made the mistake of signing up!

They make everything sound great because they're only saying bits and pieces and I want out of it.

I pay so much now way more then before. Its ridiculous!

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1008974

Those door to door knockers are working on 100% commission, so they are desperate for sales and will say most anything to get one. Just no thanks and shut the door. Don't even engage them in conversation or answer questions, because that is what they want: to get you engaged in a conversation.

Morgan Hill, California, United States #1008959

How do you get out of it?

Newark, Delaware, United States #939265

I hate this company

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