Someone rang my doorbell on a Saturday afternoon. I always bring my big dog to the door with me when I'm home alone, I just don't trust solicitors, and want them to know this house is not accessible.

The young man on the doorstep was holding a clipboard with some random bill that looked like a PG&E bill on it. He was wearing a windbreaker with the Commerce Energy logo on it, and had a "badge" from Commerce Energy. He said that he was going door to door, signing people up for Commerce Energy to protect people from PG&E rate hikes. He mumbled something about using the line. Now after doing some research I think he was saying that they use the PG&E lines. He had some brochure taped to the back of his clipboard. He asked to look at my PG&E bill. Ummm, yeah... NO! I looked at him like he was ***. I told him I would take a brochure, but I'm not interested in signing up for anything. He said "that's what's so great about this program. It's so simple for me to sign you up. I just need to look at one of you bills, and fill out the paper work. You sign, and you can read the brochure they will send you later." He wouldn't leave a brochure, so I said, well, you can leave a brochure, or you can just leave. He gave me his mean face, but he left. Clearly, if you don't want to provide information, but you want to take information from me, that an obvious scam.

In what world does that work? I wonder how many of the old people my my neighborhood fall for that kind of stuff? My husband and I have talked about asking the homeowners association to make door to door solicitation illegal in our area. I hope they will. It's just so scammy!

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #842073

I don't give my brochures out if your not signed not a *** charity case ..... Your *** *** can keep your bill and go get a no soliciting sign means nothing why because I have a soliciting license for every state commerce energy is in you *** I hope to run into you .... And one more thing that dog off your would be put down if you sicced it on me your lucky I don't sue you if it were to hurt me ....

Sacramento, California, United States #744677

Job doesn't pay for pasing out brochers.

to ruby gonzalez #1396244

Nope, it pays 100% commission to losers like you who can't get any other kind of work, to trick people into falling for their BS!

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