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6:10pm and a "representive" came to the door, getting ready to serve dinner, my fiancé lye him in. He kept going on about saving us money ($7 average, to be exact).

I said "so what exactly are you selling?" To which he replied "oh no ma'am I'm not selling anything". Uh huh, yes, you are. I asked to have his business card and he gave me this (attatched picture). Meanwhile, his iPad, which he was going to type my information into had a photo of a Delmarva Power bill with all the information (such as name, account number, billing) blacked out.

Not pro-paint studio blacked out, like sharpie scribbled out and a photo taken of it.

They are pieces of ***. Don't give them your time or documents.

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Tell the next door to door salesman to leave his pamphlets or printouts and everything they promise in writing with you and you will call him (or not) at your own leisure. Shut the door and go eat your dinner.


IT IS AGAINST AMBIT POLICY TO GO DOOR TO DOOR!!! Report it to Ambit Customer Care!!! That is not company policy!!

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #842055

lol I def don't waste time on customers whom are uneducated to what deregulation really is I could be at another door with an educated person willing to listen


You can find all the information on deregulation at very easy to keep suppliers in check and get benifits from there programs if you understand how it works and where to find the price to compare on your bill as well as the suppliers price it's simple math really

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