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I Signed up for a 12 mo fixed residential plan (back in September of this year) when I saw an advertisement from this company. It stated that monthly gas consumption would not cost more than $30.50. When I called in to inquire about it, I was told and reassured that on a monthly basis my bill would not go above $50 as there are other charges such as taxes, Atlanta Gas and light pass thru charge - no matter how much gas I consumed. Well,I signed... Read more

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Do not sign up with commerce energy. They come door to door offering services. Commerce energy signed me up without my consent. I called to cancel but will be interested in a class action lawsuit if I get charged from them. Don't trust them with your information, they will use it without your consent. This is a fraudulent company. scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam... Read more

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Been getting phone calls in the past 7-10 days feom this company. Have answered 3 times. Voice recording twlling me to call the # that just called me, claim I owe for gas service. Neither my spouse or I had priorly heard of this company. I conctacted PG&E, my provider. They verified yes, this other company has been handling my residence's gas since April. Only our heater runs on gas. Nothing else. Called company back. Demanded cancellation of... Read more

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Terrible to find out I've been double billed for over a year now then I canceled them over two months ago and yet they continue to bill .Lets start a class action lawsuit.Whos with me? Greg M Read more

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Annoying phone call with a pushy lady called. Wanting me to give her all the info off our PG&E bill and saying how bad our rate is, blah blah blah. Said she could give me a better rate. blah blah. Got upset when I said I wanted to research her information. If its too good to be true...................................... Shady information when I had questions. Deferred me many times when asking what was the catch.. Don't waste your time. This... Read more

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I to have a bad experience with Commerce Energy. Maybe we should start a class action lawsuit against them.

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Cancelled services with them in 2013, because they charged us double. Yesterday I received phone call from collection agency stating that there is a outstanding balance since Feb 2013. I called PG&E, they said that it is illegal to contact me. The contract is between Commerce and PG&E, There is no balance on my account and I can report them to CPUC if they still horasing us.

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Representive mis-represented himself as being apart of PG&E and that this was a savings program through PG&E. This "program" cost me more and was not a part of PG&E just a scam!

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A man in a white Commerce Energy polo shirt and hat came to my door in Fresno, CA, in the middle of the afternoon, and asked to speak to the individual in charge of utilities for the household and asked to see my PG&E bill to see if it was "up to date". There was a second man at my neighbor's house at the same time. I've had similar companies solicit me before, so I told him I took care of it (politely trying to get him to leave). He continued... Read more

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Commerce Energy is charging my in-laws 2 times through BGE. When we called to try to cancel they put me on hold and hung up the phone. Called back again and the customer reps do not give you their name. Tried to get number for MD but they refused to give the number!

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