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Commerce Energy
Main address: 1 Centerpointe Drive 90623 La Palma CA
1-888-4GASTODAY, 1-800-ELECTRIC, ,
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  • Jul 16
  • Utility
  • Electric Service
  • 1
  • 88

I recently had an encounter with a Commerce energy employee. The representative was very informative on the topic of deregulation and energy suppliers. She told me that since I was not aware of deregulation she would start at the beginning of why people come to my door and explain. I was informed that the deregulation of Delmarva power simply means the delivery portion and supply portion of my... Read more

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Salesgirl harrased my wife and kept knocking on our door after we told her to please leave our property. We told her we were calling the police and she cursed us and definitely challenged us to go ahead and try. Add comment

Saw two employees sitting at my apartment complex in chico california calling their own company and "disguising" their voice to make sales. The picture is them walking away Add comment

Commerce Energy came to my door to today. Unbeknownst to me, they had just came to my door 2 days prior (my boyfriend told me this after I told him they were here today). My boyfriend told him he wasn't interested yet they still came back to our house AND he said that the person who came to our house appeared high. Add comment

  • Jun 30
  • Utility
  • Rude Service
  • 1
  • 85

Me. Ray Gonzolez came to my door as a commerce energy "service provider", we said no thank you we already have a provider, asked him to leave. My wife and I walked in off the porch, then our kids came running in saying he called my wife an Fing b$&@$ an me an A@@ hole! I went out to confront "Jay" and told him to apologize before I call the police. He squared of and told me I better go back... Read more

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  • Jun 28
  • Utility
  • Program Sign Up
  • 182

A man came to my door today to talk to my wife and I. We signed up for the program a little more than a month ago, we are on our first month for the discount price. The gentlemen sat down with us and showed us how to compare our rates with the price to compare rate which is 8.33. He reminded me to lock my rates in before the three month ended, or I would go back on the variable. We then decided... Read more

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  • Jun 27
  • Utility
  • Georgetown, Delaware
  • Price Charge
  • 1
  • 105

It has been over a month since I canceled the account with commerce energy and they still have not removed themselves from my bill. The amount that I was paying was cheaper before and now I am paying more on my bill with commerce energy. I want them removed off of my bill. I no longer want to use commerce energy as a supply charger and I want them taken off my bill. I called well over a month... Read more

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I live in an apartment building and while sitting on my ground floor patio a solicitor for Commerce Energy came on to my patio and sat down uninvited. She told me she needed to see a copy of my energy bill and that my area was red flagged. After I asked a series of questions I knew she was a solicitor and asked her to leave. She told me someone would be back tomorrow. Very rude and... Add comment

  • Jun 24
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • 1
  • 109

She said "I need to come in and check to see if you're still getting your energy." "What?" was my reply as I had not opened the door since I don't know her so I am talking to her out the window. She said "I need to come in and check the sticker on the energy meter and then something unintelligible." I said very clearly that this is not appropriate and that I would call the company and complain... Read more

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  • Jun 18
  • Utility
  • Bear, Delaware
  • Rude Representative
  • 2
  • 141

A young female representative (Lara, I think) called wanting to confirm that my Delmarva bill had been updated. She said that she was authorized by Delmarva and the state of Delaware. I said "No Soliciting", (there is a No Soliciting notice posted), but she said she was not trying to sell anything. When I said "No thanks anyway", she became quite rude, so I closed my front door. As she walked... Read more

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