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A sales rep from Commerce Energy showed up on my doorstep for a 2nd time (despite our previous complaint with the company). He did not seem to understand what the words "leave" and "get off our property" meant and then became confrontational. Then threatened our dog. Why he chose now right after a major storm to try for sales is beyond me. He left before we called the police. Thank goodness. ... Read more

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Someone just came to my door saying she "worked closely with BGE" and wanted to see my BGE bill "to update two numbers on the back." When I asked to see proof that she was from BGE she repeated that she was with Commerce Energy and showed me a badge. Now it appears that this is a scam. For shame on them for taking advantage of unsuspecting citizens. There has to be a way to put a stop to... Read more

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Thank you all for your reviews. I also got approached by a commerce energy rep and was so close to signing. While on the phone with the rep I decided I will talk to my husband first before singing. In case calling them within 3 days will be a hassle, I told the guy to hold off on it. I then hung up with him and the sales rep was upset that I did that and I just told him I needed to talk it over... Read more

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I have Commerce Energy and with a 6000 square foot home, my gas bill is much less than my 3000 square foot home. There is an extra charge for coordination with your local main gas seller but even with that my bill was lowered over 50%. Customer Service is not always polite so I have had issues in that area before. I do not work for Commerce, nor do I know anyone at the company. This is my... Read more

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How to cancel my account from this scam commerce!! Told me they won't change u more than 29.99 guess what my bills is like 60.00 twice the price!!!! Plssss need help ty Add comment

I need someone to reverse my $29.95 charge on my account. this was totally mis-represented to me. The girl said I would have a chance to sign something & return if I wanted to continue with the plan. Nothing came in the mail and then I got a charge of $29.95 on my PG & E bill. Someone needs to call me @ (209) 242-3534 so I can CANCEL AND GET MY MONEY BACK. I HAVE ALREADY FILED A... Read more

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These people show up about once every 3 months! I wind up having to close the door everytime. Next time l am just going to close the door, speed things up a little bit. Add comment

They keep calling my house looking for a Mr.and Mrs. Ferguson. Tell them there is no one here with this name and to please remove our number from the data base. One lady told me that she was actually putting it back in. I have tried calling the number that calls me but it says it is disconnected. In coming number changes constantly. Add comment

I had 2 guys show up at my door the minute I get home from work at 6:30pm trying to get me to switch to Commerce. They insisted that this was not a scam and that my bill would not increase due to signing up with them. I just purchased my first home and I am not familiar with Commerce whatsoever or how BGE operates so I let them have their say but once they made a phone call and wanted me to... Read more

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